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Thank you for considering Do Fitness, where our focus is on helping you to "do your personal best." That means no matter what your age, your size or your physical limitations, you can look and feel your best on a program of good eating habits and exercise tailored for you.

Whether you have recently joined or you are still shopping for a fitness solution, here are a few things you may want to know about us:


Owner Don Oliver has been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor in the Oklahoma City area since 1992. We opened our current location in January 2009 because his personal training business outgrew his previous small studio in Mesta Park.


We do not sell memberships and we do not inflate our pricing. No one who joins after you will pay a lower price. That is because we only offer client supervised instruction and packages.


Your health is our primary concern. We understand that the vast majority of people are not looking to be body builders or models. They simply want to improve their quality of life. More than 85 percent of the people in Oklahoma have never paid to go to a fitness facility, and that is why we promise never to toss you into a room full of equipment and leave you on your own. Every time you come to participate in one of our classes or personal training sessions, our friendly staff will work with you, showing you what to do and offering their expertise every step of the way.


We realize you have choices when it comes to choosing an exercise program. That is why we offer everyone the opportunity to try our fitness studio for 30 days for only $19, which is a trial fitness package. At the end of the trial fitness package, if we are not the fitness studio for you, simply walk away. Why not start today?


A Letter from DOn

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As the owner of Do Fitness, I had a dream of opening a fitness center that actually put the client first. After working in several fitness centers in OKC, I noticed that the client was not really the focus, regardless of what they said.

Do Fitness is absolutely a 100% client supervised fitness studio. We are here to give you motivation, education and inspiration--the necessary elements for you to suceed on your journey to health.

We are NOT 30,000 square feet of machines with muscle men and women walking around in tiny clothes. WE ARE the kind of fitness studio perfect for you if you are just starting to work out, or you have a real need to change your lifestyle.

Do Fitness is a community of trainers, instructors, clients and coaches working together to help clients improve their fitness lifestyle. Come in and see how different we really are.

At Do Fitness we change lives.


Don Oliver

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