Q: Where is parking for Don’s Do Fitness? 

A: You may park in the common area in front of our building as well as the large parking lot across Shartel ave.


Q: Where are the towels?

A: They are available at the front desk at no charge.


Q: Do I have to check in?

A: Please check in at the front desk when you arrive. There is no need to check out.
Please let us know if you forgot your card.  If you have misplaced your card,
we can issue a new card for $2.00


Q: How do I get started in a group exercise class?

A: No previous enrollment required and no fee for package holders..  Just show up.  If it is your first time or have any questions for the instructor, please arrive early.  For your safety, please let your instructor know about any injuries or physical limitations.


Q: Do I have to purchase a package to schedule personal training?

A: No.  We hope you will want to purchase a package with Don’s Do Fitness so you may take part in classes and use the gym in addition to your personal training sessions.


Q: What are Specialty Classes and how do I get started in one?

A: Specialty Classes are activities we offer to add some variety to your fitness program.
Enrollment is often limited and a fee is charged.  Enrollment is on a first paid basis.
How do I set the programs on the treadmills and elliptical trainers?
Our staff can help you get started on the machines.  Just let a staff member know you need assistance.


Q: What if I move out of town?

A: Just let us know.  We will cancel your package payments and stop your membership fees. If the move is temporary, we can “freeze” your package payments until you return.



More Questions?